My studio practice is concerned with the creation of functional ceramics. I am a maker for many reasons, but the underlying motivation to work with clay as my primary material is fed by a seemingly never-ending interest in research, experimentation, and innovation. I am an artist, a craftsman, an engineer and a chemist. My current work is focused on an inlay technique I developed that simultaneously combines pattern, form, and color.

The pattern evolves with the form through its transformation from a contrived pattern on a cylinder into a finished piece. It holds memory and evidence of its growth. Using this technique I am able to collaborate with the inherant nature of clay to create an integrated and fluid motif.

The power of color is of great interest to me, due to its connection to life and human history. As I develop my color pallette I carefully consider how simple color relationships may impact the viewer/user on an emotional level. I often look to Mark Rothko for his expression of basic human emotions through color.

While I make and admire work on a grand visual scale, I also value the visceral impact of useable objects. Because of this, I place a great deal of consideration in the art of function to maximize the experience.

The balancing act of pulling all of these elements together into one object or a series of objects, compells me into the studio and perpetuates my own fascination with the work.

-Cory Brown